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Touch of Culture 2020 goes VIRTUAL

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Once a year, Twinkles brings together our finest multicultural Minnesota Businesses, who understand and appreciate diversity and are culturally specific to your needs for a one of a kind expo. This year our plans for a BIGGER AND BETTER event went topsy-turvy as the current guidelines officially did not allow us to have a physical event due to Covid-19.

The Touch of Culture Expo 2020 was hit hard with the latest event words: CANCEL or POSTPONE. We decided at the very last minute to shrug off those words and celebrate our elite vendors with a virtual expo on Instagram. No booths, no crowds, no music and no dancing. We hear the children say:"No glitter face-painting!"

Well, the TOC Expo went virtual; in the comfort of "where-ever you are," to celebrate and support these amazing businesses:- Cene Specialty Cakes Titambe West African Dance Ensemble Shomikks Custom Jewlery

The goal of this expo initiative is to inspire entrepreneurship, encourage continued small business development and support in our local communities, and aims at embracing and celebrating different ethnicity and cultures.

Join the Touch of Culture Expo and let's CELEBRATE and EMBRACE Culture together!

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