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Meet The Twinkles Team


Naa & Christy
 Owners and Lead Event Planners.

Naa - My first name is Gifty-Joy but I go by my traditional name Naa (meaning QUEEN) My background is in Journalism and Public Relations but Creative Event Design is my forte. When I am not planning 'Twinkling' events you will find me under the covers.

Christy - My first name is Christiana but I think Christy
 is more SASSY!

I am an R & D Food Scientist by profession but Event Coordinating and Catering Management is my fave. When I am not planning 'Twinkling' events, you will find me trying out new recipes for my bakery Krusty Treats.
We love what we do and we offer a good balance with our different personalities. We both are committed to empowering, supporting and advancing small business especially women in business. And that's how our @touchofculture_expo was born

We are here for only one purpose: - The event of your dreams and peace of mind!

Whatever you want, we can make happen! It’s the fancy trimmings and twinkling touches that makes all the difference.

We offer a good balance with our different personalities and we both bring very distinct and unique things to the table. 

Choose Twinkles and let us do the rest!!

PROS - Excellent Teamwork

CONS - We are crazy about EVENTS

We love what we do!!

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