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Choosing Your Event Colors and Theme!

Your event or wedding no matter how BIG or small, is an unforgettable reflection of who you are. It is your style, your taste, personality and what have you. Choosing the colors for your event is quite an essential work. As you glance through magazines, websites and photo galleries, you are sure to notice that certain colors stand out and add a certain effect to the event. The colors you decide on, are actually the creation of everything. It determines what kinds of flowers you will choose, what type of decorations you will have, your attire, your invitations, and all the other details too.

There is no such thing as a specific color for weddings or any event. With so many colors to choose from, consider the season for the event, the location, the theme, your family traditions and anything that's unique to you.

You can also choose colors based on their meaning:- * White - Protection, Purification, Peace. * Red - Power, Strength, Health, Passion, Courage. * Blue - Healing, Patience, Happiness, Change. * Green - Wealth, Fertility, Growth. * Yellow - Intellect, Attraction, Sunshine, Cheerfulness. * Pink - Love, Friendship, Innocence, Freshness. * Orange - Confidence, Strength. * Purple/Mauve//Lavender/Violet - Royalty, Power, Healing, Spiritual

* Black - Bold, Dramatic, Sophistication. * Brown - Security, Stability, Comfort.

Any color you choose is perfect for your special day. Pick what represents you best and make sure the coordination is done very well. In our next blog we will bring you helpful tips on matching your event or wedding colors.

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